ActNow Theatre creates collaborative and socially conscious performance projects. We work in partnerships to engage diverse communities in conversations around challenging, contemporary issues. We perform at conferences and tour schools and workplaces in central, metro and regional SA.

Our work is innovative, informed and inspiring. Our projects have been critically acclaimed, commended in South Australian Parliament, and highly praised by audiences, participants and community organisations.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive performance and felt challenged and motivated as a result.” – Audience member

“It really made me reflect on racism and the way it is normalized in our culture. I would personally like to make a difference and assist in the eradication of racism.”   Student

“An excellent and authentic way to have young adolescents engage in dialogue and to accept the complexities and possibilities for compacting racism.”  – Teacher 

We are available for Responding to Racism and Speak Out as well as workshops on demand. If you’d like to book ActNow for your school or workplace, or if you just want to find out more information, please fill in the form below or email us directly at

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Where possible please let us know any information you have including:
proposed dates and expected audience size.

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