Zero Feet Away 2017

Zero Feet Away 2017

Zero Feet Away 2017

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You are queer.
You are straight.
You are single.
You are undecided.
You are 19.
You are 29.
You are finding intimacy in a virtual world.

Zero Feet Away is about the virtuality and actuality of sexuality. It is about what happens in our heads, hearts and pants. It is about finding love and fulfilling lust. It is about hook-up apps and dating apps, nightclubs and bedrooms. It is about you.

Participate in our experiment in virtual intimacy. Bring a charged smartphone.

Created by a team of queer artists, Zero Feet Away is innovative, provocative, inspiring and honest.


January 25-28, 2017
7pm @ Ancient World 116 Hindley Street

Admission is strictly 16+

Performance images and audience quotes

Performance Excerpts


If you’re interested in learning more about the development of this project over the past three years see our 2014 production page.


Check out some of the artists Jamila Main and Jason Marsiglia talking about the project:



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