Zero Feet Away

Zero Feet Away

Zero Feet Away

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“Profound, unguarded generosity […] brave and important” – RealTime Arts

“Brave, bold and by the seat of your pants theatre” – Audience Member

Creative Development Performances, November 2014

As part of the 2014 Feast Festival, ActNow Theatre presented three work-in-progress performances of Zero Feet Away.

Where did you meet your first love? How would you describe yourself to a stranger? Where’s the best place to be kissed? What do you never talk about in public? How do you find intimacy in a virtual world?

Following the rise of dating applications such as Tinder and Grindr, Zero Feet Away explores how we find intimacy in virtual spaces, and what actually happens in our heads our hearts and our bedrooms. Created by a team of professional and community young gay artists. This is innovative, provocative, inspiring and honest theatre not to be missed.

Audience members became apart of this exciting work in progress interactive theatre experiment. They used their mobile phones to facilitate anonymous and safe conversation about sexuality, intimacy and identity, influencing the live performance.



“a type of theatre I’ve never before experienced […] very personal and powerful […] the material presented was potent and presented in a way I feel no other theatre could have achieved” – Workshop Participant and Audience Member, Dorian Rix

Queer Youth Theatre Workshops

Interested to know how we developed Zero Feet Away? Checkout the workshops series we held earlier in 2014 in partnership with Gay Men’s Health and Feast Festival. These workshops were for queer men and explored sexuality, identity and intimacy.

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