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Hello and welcome, dear friend of ActNow,

For those of you who are as yet unaware, I have recently been appointed the Artistic Director of ActNow and could not be more chuffed.

So, I thought that, since we’ve just launched all of our social media (huzzah!), I probably ought to write to you all so that you know who on earth you’re talking to.

We’ll be introducing more pages on this blog as time goes on, one of which will be my “getting to know you” or  “closest thing to internet dating” thing, but to give you an idea, I am a director, actor and sometimes writer, and have worked with ActNow, Urban Myth, Patch Theatre and many independent companies.  I’ll tell you more later, I promise.

You might notice that we’ve got a pretty ordinary holding logo as our DP for all of our subscriptions – this will definitely change very soon.  We’re working with a design company as we speak to give you something much prettier to stroke your eyes with.

Today (Wednesday) I’ll be in Format working on Speak Out, our new theatre-in-education piece, which deals with homophobia and bullying in schools.  ActNow is so lucky to be working with some exceptionally talented people on the piece (Nicolas Cutts, Elliot Howard, Edwin Kemp Attrill and Ashton Malcolm), along with some gorgeous people from ShineSA and Marion Youth Health Service.  We’re working on getting some footage for your viewing pleasure very soon.

So now you know pretty much everything.

There are so many ways that you can keep in contact with us – we’re on twitter (and we’re about to announce all of our hashtags for the rest of the year, so #staytuned), facebook, tumblr and this blog, which will be updated by all and sundry here at ActNow.  You are right to expect guest blog posts from artists we work with, information on events we’ve got coming up, and various other tidbits.  I hope you’ll keep coming back to visit us.

Soph will let you know all the ins and outs of subscribing, following, liking, friending and general keepincontact-ing that you can do, as she is publicist extraordinaire.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful break over these last few days and I look forward to speaking to you all again soon.

-Sarah Dunn

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