We Support Safe Schools

We Support Safe Schools

We Support Safe Schools

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“By the end of the performance I was able to build up courage from the skit to tell my home-group teacher that I am gay. If it wasn’t for the skit I wouldn’t have built up the courage to tell anyone.”
ActNow Theatre ‘Speak Out’ workshop participant

“One lesson where students are asked to role-play what it would be like to be same-sex attracted was considered problematic for students “from conservative cultural groups” who might feel isolated by the lesson.”

We believe that young people’s engagement with ActNow’s Speak Out workshops demonstrates the need for more imaginative, reflective and creative conversations about the harassment and discrimination faced by LGBTIQ young people. The Federal Government must support organisations, like the Safe Schools Coalition, who are having these important conversations.

We stand in solidarity with the Safe Schools Coalition and invite ActNow supporters to write to their Local MP to express their concerns about downsizing this important program.

Written by ActNow Theatre’s board of management.


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