‘The Clock’ Tour

‘The Clock’ Tour

‘The Clock’ Tour

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2 Cars, 3 Days, 1,516 kilometers, 4 Actors, 1 Director, 1 RiAus Program Manager, 4 venues and about 187 coffees: all for 1 Clock.

We took The Clock on the road for a regional tour 7-10 May to Pt Augusta, Mt Gambier, Victor Harbour and Goolwa.


Our Company Producer Edwin Kemp Attrill and Riaus Programs Manager Lisa Bailey hit the road with Actors Elizabeth Hay, Chrissie Page, Andrew Thomas and Rory Walker.

You can read what Lisa has to say about the tour on the RiAUS blog here. Here’s what Eddie has to say:

It was a fantastic week. Really awesome people to tour with. We did 6 shows in 3 towns over 4 days and travelled 1,500km. It was pretty exhausting. But the response was overwhelmingly positive.

It was really interesting for me as a director to work on a show that is in many ways very simple….there we no sets, minimal props, no costumes, not really many characters per se. It was mostly just simple storytelling. We had the production in the round, with most of the dialogue directed at the audience, and a few moments of audience engagement included too. So it was a strange project to rehearse, knowing that much more than a typically production where you need an audience to be in the space for their reaction, in this one we needed an audience for their involvement. I was really happy with how this turned out. But I was a little nervous going in.

The show starts off with one of my favourite games, “have you ever” (many people know the drinking game version of it…I play it with chairs and moving around). Throughout the season it was a lot of fun playing that game with both high school kids, and also with audience members in their 70’s and 80’s.

Another moment of audience engagement was another of my favourite exercises; this one is extremely simple but very beautiful. I read about it in a Augusto Boal book once. The way we ran it was, every audience member was given a pen an paper and asked to answer two questions: “What am I?” and “What do I want?”. We would then collect the answers, and they we’re incorporated into a section of the performance later on. I grabbed a random pile and typed up 30 odd responses below – all unsorted and unmodified.

I am… I want…
Lots of cells To feel joy!
a mother, a wife + daughter Some new clothes
a living person To be successful
a person To be happy sometimes
human being To live a fun and happy life
an intelligent female A coffee
a person To be happy
i am a woman To not grow old
a sixteen year old male A new PC
old man, grandad To be fit and well
a student World peace
a female To be a grandmother
a human, male Napoleon total war
i am a usually conscious homo sapien I want to not suffer
a person Everything
living thing To live healthy to old age
a human male with ambition To achieve immortality that will allow me to achieve my many goals
i am a homosapian…a happy go lucky kind of guy! 🙂 I want to be happy and I want to be loved
I’m a human being, my choices will always affect who i am I want to spend my time more wisely and fulfill my goals/desires in the journey of life
a person Swag
a woman Flexibility
a soul Heaven on earth
i am a human Successful life
human Happiness. Love. Family. Friends.
an imaginative being Calmness + contentment
a human being – girl/teenager To be able to get into uni for law
human Happiness
i am merely a human To be fit, rich, successful in life
a male Fishing boat
human To be an engineer
great Possibilities

This would ordinarily be the point where we’d tell you about our Adelaide Shows in June, but they are both currently sold out. Stay tuned though, there will hopefully be more chances to see The Clock in the future (here’s our vine debut to tide you over).

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Edit: Here’s the video from our Q+A sessions at RiAUS.

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