Teddy Dunn – Artistic Director (2011-2012)

Teddy Dunn – Artistic Director (2011-2012)

Teddy Dunn – Artistic Director (2011-2012)

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Teddy Dunn is a former Artistic Director of ActNow Theatre (2011-2012).

Teddy is an independent director and dramaturg who graduated from Flinders Drama Centre in 2015 with First Class Honours and a University Medal.  He has a keen interest in new Australian and international plays and adaptation.

Since his graduation, Teddy has directed four debuts of new Australian plays, Red Sky Morning for the State Theatre Company Umbrella program, multiple creative developments on new plays, and the Australian debut of Late: A Cowboy Song in Sydney and Adelaide.  He has also directed students at AC Arts, and will direct students at Flinders University in a new Australian play in 2018: Testosterone (working title) by Eliza Oliver.  He also works with a group of queer youth community members and ActNow Theatre, which will inform the development of a touring piece for high schools throughout 2018.

As an actor, Teddy has worked with State Theatre Company, the ABC, ActNow Theatre, Patch Theatre Company, Vitalstatistix, and has worked extensively in independent theatre.

Teddy is also a provocateur and conversationalist, and often hosts arts festivals such as Adhocracy (a new arts festival) with Vitalstatistix, and conversations with public thinkers such as Clementine Ford, panels through The Mary Lee Exchange, and friends and strangers in pubs.

He was a participant in the 2015 Director’s Studio at Playwriting Australia, working on best practice for directors of new, Australian plays, and in 2016 won the Bendigo Bank Award for the top arts graduate from the partner schools with the Helpmann Academy.


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