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Speak Out was presented by ActNow Theatre from 2013 – 2018.

Speak Out is an interactive theatre performance tackling homophobia in high schools. Presented by young professional actors and a facilitator, Speak Out explores various froms of homophobia and the effect is has, while providing opportunities and a safe space to develop strategies to respond to homophobia.

  • Explores various forms of homophobia and the effect it has on all students
  • Provides opportunities for students to develop strategies to respond to homophobia
  • Provides take home information for students on issues raised in the performance and services available to     Same Sex attracted students

In forum theatre, the audience is responsible for creating positive social change through their interventions with the actors on stage. Speak Out uses this interactive forum theatre technique. The audience first watches the performance without interruption. Then, the performance is repeated and the students are given the power to interrupt and freeze the repeat performance, making a positive social change by replacing an actor on stage and changing the outcome of the performance. This forum theatre technique offers a sense of rehearsal for scenarios in the real world. It empowers communities and individuals to take positive action when dealing with social issues.

Speak Out has been performed to over 1000 students across metropolitan Adelaide and in regional areas of Murray Bridge, Strathalbyn, Mount Gambier, Loxton, Waikerie, Renmark, Glossop, Burra, Port Augusta and Port Lincoln.

Evaluation of Speak Out performances has shown that:

  • 95% of students said Speak Out provided them with at least one technique to stop homophobia
  • 55% of students said Speak Out empowered them to prevent or respond to homophobia in the future
  • 86% of students said they enjoyed the performance
  • 84% of students had witnessed homophobia in the past and;
  • 29% of students said they had witnessed homophobia but had not realised it until Speak Out

Checkout the ActNow blog to read thoughts from the actors of Speak Out whilst on their regional South Australian tour.

‘Engaging & interactive, thought provoking, inclusive and powerful’ – Youth Worker

‘I was also impressed by my students who really tackled the big ideas and ‘stood up’ for equality…a great catalyst for this type of change. …The company are doing very important work and my students benefited greatly.’ – Teacher

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