Participants wanted!

Participants wanted!

Participants wanted!

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In partnership with Gay Mens Health and Feast Festival, ActNow Theatre is running a series of theatre workshops for queer men exploring sexuality, identity and intimacy led by Edwin Kemp Attrill.

In addition, Gay Mens Health SA will be providing a series of one off interactive information sessions exploring sexual intimacy, HIV and STI’s providing context and information for the Queer Youth Theatre workshops.

If you’re 18-25 and identify as a gay male, get involved! There is no cost to attend, and you’ll get a free dinner at the end of each session! How good is that?

For updates and more info, check out this Facebook event.

What is it?
A series of fun and interactive theatre workshops involving games, storytelling, scene work and writing led by ActNow Theatre director Edwin Kemp Attrill. The workshops will explore sexuality, identity and intimacy.

TIMES: 6pm – 8pm Tuesday 8th April – Tuesday 13th May.
VENUE: ActNow Theatre, L2, Fifth Quarter” 27 Fifth Street, Bowden

Who are we looking for?
We’re looking for young same sex attracted men aged 18-25 who are willing to share stories, provide their thoughts, and be apart of a supportive and interactive environment. We don’t need people who have experience in acting, although we do need people who are willing to ‘give it a go’. The workshops will explore subject matter of safe sex and STI’s. Participants can be from a range of backgrounds.

How to get involved
To get involved, please email

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • A few sentences about yourself (could be about your work or study, or what your passionate about, what you like or what you dislike)

Further info and updates are also on our Facebook event page.

For more information about theatre workshops
Contact Edwin Kemp Attrill on

For more about exploring healthy relationships info sessions
Contact Wills Lounge on

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