Help us make an impact!

ActNow Theatre operates as a not-for-profit, meaning that philanthropic contributions are critically important for us to continue our work and realise our company’s vision: that theatre is a conduit for public discourse and a catalyst for social change.

Your donations will be supporting our ongoing and upcoming projects such as Queer Youth Theatre Workshops, which are workshops for LGBTQIA+ individuals aged between 18-30, Theatre of the Global Majority, a free fortnightly program for people aged 18+ from non-white culturally diverse backgrounds, Responding to Racism and Generation of Change, a forum theatre performance for high school aged students, and Like Me, Like You, an interactive performance introducing children in years 1 – 4 to the idea of diversity.

Your ongoing support will ensure we can continue to create spaces where people can share stories that are important to them.

These are the stories that matter, told by the people that need to be telling them.

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