Donate to Theatre of the Global Majority!

Donate to Theatre of the Global Majority!

Donate to Theatre of the Global Majority!

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Non-white people make up the biggest population of people in the world – and the Australian Arts scene currently does not sufficiently allow their voices to be heard.

As a response to this, ActNow Theatre created Theatre of the Global Majority in 2018. Focusing on crafting a fertile, exciting, and supportive environment for non-white culturally diverse artists from all creative backgrounds to make work and develop skills. Currently held fortnightly, the workshops provide new and emerging artists with an opportunity to develop their art whilst feeling easy and carefree, but with the intensity of a workshop.

Led by ActNow Associate Director Yasmin Gurreeboo, alongside local artists Valerie Berry and Mahira Hasanović, Theatre of the Global Majority provides these artists with a community where they can truly belong, and that doesn’t involve drinking and partying. It allows them to be open and honest because they know they can trust the people they’re sharing the space with.

It is, truly, a one of a kind space as there is no other program which offers young people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, including First Nations people, an opportunity to share and develop their skills in the Arts.

Empowering communities through art, Theatre of the Global Majority can only continue to create the cultural revolution through the support of funding.

Making a donation is a real and significant way you can contribute to our work with CALD and First Nations peoples and support Theatre of the Global Majority. Your donation will assist Theatre of the Global Majority to run its fortnightly workshops at no cost. This will reduce barriers to participation, allow participants to tell stories that deconstruct privilege and systemic racism in Australia, and change the face of Australian theatre.

You will support diverse voices, diverse stories, diverse forms and diverse audiences coming together in solidarity.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss your donation. Please call 08 8123 0346 or email rhen[at]


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