• Hallet Cove School Residency
    Hallet Cove School Residency
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    ActNow Theatre was commission by City of Marion to engage a group of young people from Hallet Cove High

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  • Zero Feet Away
    Zero Feet Away
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    “Profound, unguarded generosity […] brave and important” – RealTime Arts “Brave,

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  • Responding to Racism
    Responding to Racism
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    Playing as part of the DreamBIG Children’s Festival 2019! Responding to Racism is an award-winning

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  • Expect Respect
    Expect Respect
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    Expect Respect! was an innovative early intervention project promoting safe and respectful relationships

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  • An Enemy of the People
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    “Power. Money. Morality. In a tight-knit community a shocking discovery comes to light and threatens

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  • Street Theatre (2007-2009)
    Street Theatre (2007-2009)
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    From 2007-2010 ActNow Theatre created a range of street theatre performances, including: Project:Guantanamo

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  • The Revolution Starts Here
    The Revolution Starts Here
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    In 2009, ActNow Theatre presented its first staged piece; a new work The Revolution Starts Here by emerging

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  • Right Act 2008-2010
    Right Act 2008-2010
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    From 2008-2010, ActNow Theatre presented an annual theatre for social change conference, RightAct, consisting

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  • Don Dunstan Foundation
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    In 2011, ActNow Theatre were commissioned by the Don Dunstan Foundation to make create a performance

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  • Alice and Peter Grow Up
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    ActNow Theatre supported new production company Milk Theatre to present Alice and Peter Grow Up, as

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