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Hi there,

My name is Soph, but enough about me.

The button above saying “contact” isn’t a statement about physical touch, I promise. It actually contains a list of other places to find us on the interwebz. But, in case you are too lazy to press aforementioned button, I’ll include a list for you here.

Don’t worry to much if you don’t have tumblr, instagram or foursquare- you’ll still get all those updates on facebook and twitter. Those are just for the die hard tragic social media addicts (like myself).

In addition, there is a subscribe button to your right, as well as our twitter feed, so no excuses for not being completely up to date.

Look forward to facebooking/tweeting with you all,

Sophie Bruhn (the alleged superpublicist)

Sarah had a photo at her laptop, so i wanted one too.

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